CellPhone Etiquette

CellPhone Etiquette

Do you remember the old times when you parents used to tell you  “the telephone is only for emergencies”? well, times change and today , we use the cellphone for everything!

Rules of etiquette are usually unwritten and the secret is to make the people around you comfortable, but aspects of etiquette have been changed from time to time and most of these rules are based on common sense. In the case of cellphone etiquette we should remember a few things, like: who is with you (or near) and where you are when your phone is ringing.

Phone Manners in General

Do not drive and text at the same time!

A lot of people that I know they told me the same excuse ” I know it’s bad for me, but I just can’t stop”  They  used the same excuse smokers do.  Unless you’re expecting a text from the president of the United States do not text and drive. Maybe your bank account, texts, tweets and Facebook can wait.  I don’t know why, but I get really angry when I’m in the middle of the highway and the car in front of me is very slow and then I realized it’s because the person inside of that car is talking or writing or using their cellphone.

Remember, your mobile phone isn’t always an accessory and please, don’t panic if your battery dies and rings because you have a text message.

According to a study released by the National Safety Council, 28% of the 1.6 million annual traffic accidents occur when people talk on cellphones or send text messages while driving.

Turn Your Cell Phone Ringer Off

There are places where we should never leave the phone on, as together, theater, concert, at a conference, business meeting , in class, museums, clinics, churches, bus and when you are talking with someone, specially your partner!
Did you ever had that awkward moment when everybody is quiet and your phone rings :O and everyone is looking at you? well , is very uncomfortable but not enough because I can still see people with ringing phones in the movie theater, looking at their phones, and answering !


Don’t Bring Your Cell Phone to Meetings

Even if you have your cell phone set to vibrate, if you receive a call you will be tempted to see who it’s from. This is not only rude, it is a clear signal to your boss or colleagues that your mind isn’t 100% on your job. I strongly recommend you that every time you are arriving at a restaurant , do not put your cell phone on the table (even a business lunch).  Put the phone in silent and vibrate and keep it in your pocket. So, if you receive a call, you will be the only one to realize and would have to answer it, apologize and back away from the table to attend to.

Find a Private Place to Make Calls

When you are on a cellphone, you often don’t have the benefit of privacy, so keep the topics you discuss G-rated — you never know who may be listening to your side of the conversation.So be careful , you don’t want to go to the bathroom and have a discussion about something important and someone else is listening and you never know if the person on the other end of the line will hear bathroom sounds and toilets flushing! eww. Find somewhere else to talk, where your conversation can’t be overheard, even if what you’re discussing isn’t personal. You may be on a break but your co-workers have a job to do.

Maintain your volume down

Your phone conversation is not any more important than the live conversations occurring around you. This is especially important to remember since most people tend to  talk a bit louder when using their cellphones. So keep your vocal volume down. In case you have an accent, remember to speak clearly and distinctly.


When the call It’s for someone else

When an incoming call is for another person and is NOT your cellphone, but is near from you,  don’t answer it.  Unless the owner of the phone ask to do it. When an incoming call is for another person and is NOT your cell phone, don’t answer it. Unless the owner of the phone ask you to do it.  Today , the cellphone is something very personal, so even if your fiancé , husband, wife cellphone is ringing , do not answer it.

Fun fact! I was surprised when I read that 10 percent of singles under 25 text during sex and 15 percent of adults actually answer their mobile phone during sex!

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